Laila can't believe her luck. The leaders of the art museum want her to take over the Florida Highwaymen project and a catalogue that could make her career. The work is tailor-made for the Research Club and Laila turns to those friends for inspiration. But when the group's leader is murdered, and the Research Club comes under suspicion, art and career take a back seat to survival.


Publisher: TouchPoint Press

ISBN: 9781956851311

Print Length: 328 pages

"This book is a true web of suspense, filled with shocking twists and turns. With memorable events and genuine characters, it will be hard to separate yourself from this great read."

-Helen R. Ladson, Cultural Preservationist-

When the Carolina disappears off the coast of Vancouver Island, Augie is left to feed his brothers and sisters, and wonder about the fate of his father. The two bodies of Chinese immigrants that wash up on a windward beach provide the first clues that some island residents know more than they will tell.


Publisher: Mark House Publishing

ISBN: 9780988949607

Print Length: 271 pages

"Stark, vividly written and utterly compelling."

-Portland Book Review-

Short Stories

by Laura Kelly Robb

Short Story

What to Wear When You Want to Look Fancy

Available on order from The Nassau Review, Nassau Community College, 1 Education Drive, Garden City, NY 11530-6793

Viaje a Los Paises Bajos

(A Trip to the Low Countries)

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